Join the Shire of Calanais Nuadh for

Autumn Arrows XXVIII: Harvest Festival

October 5, 6, & 7, 2018

Pulaski County Ft. Wood Shrine Club
26920 Shrine Rd.
Laquey, MO 65534


Site opens 3 PM Friday and closes 11 AM Sunday

Event Registration

Site Information

There is abundant tent camping space on flat ground, with permanent restrooms and showers on site (wheelchair accessible). Electrical access is not available. There is no indoor crash space, but several open-sided pavilions are available to shelter under. Pet dogs on leash are welcome. The site is wet.

Merchants are welcome! There is no additional fee, but please bring your own tables and contact the Merchant Wrangler to reserve space.


The Dancing Moon Inn will be open at midday with payment by donation

A scrumptious feast will be served in the evening. Feasters and non-feasters are invited to attend an entertaining mid-feast auction to benefit the kingdom and the shire. Feast is $10 per seat, payable at Gate. Please contact the Event Steward or Feast Steward if you have questions or special dietary requests.

Feast Menu

On the table: Bread and butter and cheese

 First Remove:

    Faux Haggis with Mustard Sauce

    Squash Soup (Cold)


Second Remove:

    Roast Pork with Cameline Sauce

    Braised Root Vegetables with Basil

    Rustic Applesauce


Third Remove:

    Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce

    Shortbread Cookies

    Fruit Compote


General Arts & Sciences Competition

Theme: Anything revelry period-style in any medium. This can be either something one would use or do or wear or eat at a festival or a depiction of revelry. Try to keep it at a PG level. Documentation on a 3x5 card at a minimum. The more documentation, the better. Party on, Sir Garth!

 Voting by populace choice


Bardic/Writing Competitions - The Vault of Valhalla is sponsoring the following competitions:

 Judges will decide winners.

Bardic Performance Contest:
A song, recitation, or story performed before an audience. Any medieval or SCA related topic (but if you can work in the "Festival Revelry" theme - all the better!)
15 minute time limit.
Performance times will be determined on the day of the event.
Please provide background and source/documentation information to audience as appropriate.

Written Bardic Contest:
Poem or short story. Any medieval or SCA related topic (but if you can work in the "Festival Revelry" theme - all the better!)
No more than 1500 words.
Please specify style or type and general era for poetry.
Can be printed or hand-written as long as it's readable.
Please include background and source/documentation information as appropriate.

 Short Research Paper/Article or Project Documentation Contest:
Any period topic, 600 to 1600 C.E. (or A.D) but if you can work in the "Festival Revelry" theme - all the better!
Can be a research paper you’ve for this or another competition, a researched article for a newsletter, or documentation you've done on a project for a competition (including a project entered in the A & S competition for this event).
No more than 1500 words. If you want to include cited graphics, that's fine.
Use at least two credible sources. Cite your sources using a standard citation style convention, such as Chicago Manual of Style, APA or MLA.


Archery Shoots

To see all the Autumn Arrows shoots, please click here!



On I-44 just west of Waynesville, MO, take Exit 153 and turn south onto Hwy 17. Travel south on Hwy 17 for slightly more than one mile and watch for Shrine Club sign and SCA sign indicating a left turn onto Shrine Rd. (aka NN-333). After turning, follow the road as it goes through the parking lot and curves around the main club building, leading to the campground behind it.



Event Steward

Feast Steward

Merchant Wrangler

His Lordship James Inn Danski
(mka James Thorsen)
(573) 528-7585

His Lordship Thomas Fleischacker
(mka Thomas Glueck)
(573) 336-5281

Lady Dulcibella de Chateaurien
(mka Lucy Zahnle)
(417) 967-1034

All the stewards ask - No phone calls after 9 PM please