Join the Shire of Calanais Nuadh for

Spring Spears XVI

Alexios I Komnenos - Everybody's Friend... And Enemy, At One Time Or Another.

April 5-7, 2019

St. Robert Community Center

114 J.H Williamson Dr.

St. Robert MO 65584


Site opens at 5pm on Friday April 5 and closes at noon on Sunday. April 7. No camping, but
crash space available. Site is discreetly wet.

Site Fee:

Adult Event Registration--$15

Adult Member Discount Registration --$10

Youth (12-17)--$5

Child (0-11)--Free


Dancing Moon Inn will be available for lunch


Feast on Saturday will be $10 per seat. Menu will be posted soon.

Please contact Event Steward or the Feast Steward with any dietary considerations.

Event Steward:
Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen
(mka Rose Blair)

Feast Steward:
HL Paul Adler
(MKA Vince Zahnle)


A & S Coordinator
Lady Aesa In Kyrra
(mka Tracy Thorsen)

Merchant Coordinator:

Dulcibella de Chateaurien

Please make checks payable to SCA INC-Shire of Calanais Nuadh


* * *

Fighting and Thrown Weapons

Youth Heavy Combat

  Cut and Thrust.

Thrown Weapons


 Adult Heavy Fighting will include:


unranked tourney

wild leashed mace tourney (bring your mace)

6 ft spear tourney (slashing/thrusting)

the 3 person team (one 9 ft spear, shield/single weapon and great weapon great sword or 6ft pole)

* * *

Arts & Sciences Competitions

There will be two competitions this year:

Competition one: open theme - any type of project on any period or SCA subject

Competition two: - anything related to the reign and times of Alexios I Komnenos

For both competitions, works in progress are fine, normal minimum requirements for docs - a 3x5 card or equivalent with at least the artisan's name, a description of what the item is (If not obvious) and the culture and time period to which it relates (More is always good, of course, especially references). 

Her Ladyship Dulcibella of the Vault of Valhalla will again be sponsoring a writing, a research, and a bardic competition. Details below:

Bardic Performance Contest:
An instrumental music piece, song, recitation, or story performed before an audience. Any medieval or SCA related topic (but if you can work in the Byzantine event theme - all the better!)
15 minute time limit.
Performance times will be determined on the day of the event.
Please provide background and source/documentation information to audience as appropriate.

Written Bardic Contest:
Poem or short story. Any medieval or SCA related topic (but if you can work in the Byzantine event theme - all the better!)
No more than 1500 words.
Please specify style or type and general era for poetry.
Can be printed or hand-written as long as it's readable.
Please include background and source/documentation information as appropriate.


Short Research Paper/Article or Project Documentation Contest:
Any period topic, 600 to 1600 C.E. (or A.D) but if you can work in the Byzantine event theme - all the better!


Can be a research paper you’ve for this or another competition, a researched article for a newsletter, or documentation you've done on a project for a competition (including a project entered in the A & S competition for this event).
No more than 1500 words. If you want to include cited graphics, that's fine.
Use at least two credible sources.
Cite your sources using standard citation style conventions, such as Chicago Manual of Style, APA or MLA.

* * *


Take I-44 to Exit 161. Turn towards Ft Wood (South). Immediately south of the highway, turn right. Take a quick left through the median and continue towards the Skate Board park. Look for a green and white sign. St Robert Community Center is the big building near the radio tower.


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